Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Roll sheet at Ms. Crabtree's one-room schoolhouse

Two weeks ago, I wrote about Shirley Mae Crabtree's one-room schoolhouse in the home and farm life post.  As a sidebar, here's the entire roster of 22 students who currently attend.  I've culled the last names from the Idealia post.
  • Belinda Marie BAREFOOT
  • Bryson Hoyt BAREFOOT
  • Hartley Rockwell BASS
  • Malinda Annabelle BATTLE
  • Michael Elijah BELK
  • Robinette Marie BLOW
  • Bonnie Elizabeth BOATWRIGHT
  • Oliver Alonzo BRAYBOY
  • Hannah Brooke (Brookie) BRICKHOUSE
  • Randy Dean BUFFALOE
  • Danny Mac BUTT
  • Mariah Claire CRABTREE
  • William John CRABTREE
  • Larry Wayne LEAK
  • Rebecca LaVaughn LIGHTFOOT
  • Lee Bob MCCLAMMY
  • Laura Elizabeth MCLAMB
  • Braylor Tripp MCPATTER
  • Peggy Ellen PEACOCK
  • Bobby Dwayne SMALLS
  • Billy Wayne TIMBERLAKE

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