Monday, February 8, 2016

Buddy and Bobby's Super adventure: Day 3

This is what you have been waiting for.  Buddy Wayne and Bobby Ray Barefoot have made it to Super Bowl 50, fulfilling a dream that is probably shared by every American sports fan.  What's better, both of them have teams to root for - Buddy Wayne for the Broncos and Bobby Ray for the Panthers.  So here's what went down.

B.W.: We left our hotel room at 10 a.m.  This was well before the game started, but we did so to allow for the possibilities of a huge traffic jam on U.S. 101 - the main route between our hotel near San Francisco International Airport and Levi's Stadium - and a long wait to get into the stadium area itself as everyone had to pass through strict security.  However, the journey was smoother than we thought, and it took a little more than an hour for us to get there.  We passed security in about 10 minutes, so from 11:30 on we just roamed the stadium, talked to fellow fans who also showed up early, and signed autographs.

B.R.: As mentioned yesterday, joining us today are our wives Jennifer and Brittany and our daughters Belinda and Lizzie.  Also in our box at Levi's Stadium are Brittany's brothers Blanton Spears Jr. and Belcher Spears; Jen's parents John and Marshalene Pope, brother Jake Pope, and sister Melissa Rankin; Brandon McLamb and his girlfriend (and my cousin) Kim Strickland; and Paul H. Bryant, sports information director for the Meadow School programs.

Just before I arrived in my seat, I stopped by the media credentials center to be fitted for a GoPro device.  This is a miniature camera unit that will capture my thoughts and actions in a first-person format. will have a live feed and taped highlights will almost certainly be on TV as well.

B.W.: When he finally got to our seats at about 2:30 p.m., we felt an overwhelming feeling that words cannot describe.  The stadium looked bigger than any I've ever seen in my life!  After team warmups, the next act was to introduce all of the living athletes who have been named Super Bowl MVP.  That's when it hit me that all of this was really happening in front of us.

B.R.: By the way, I can't believe the booing of Tom Brady.  My brother is a Broncos fan and even he laughed.

B.W.: Either they all think he's a cheater or they're just being jealous.  By the way, Lady Gaga really surprised me.  She has a beautiful voice, dressed decently, and had reverence for the song and what it means to this country.

B.R.: Surprised?  That's what happened when you ignore the warnings of Brandon McLamb!  Anyway, the kickoff was the biggest rush I've ever felt in my life around a sports event.  The only thing I could compare it to was when I took the stage with my fiddle in the New Jerusalem.

B.W.: As the game progressed, I could tell that Bobby was more agitated and impatient on his team's performance.  Although both teams struggled to move the ball throughout the game, I think his lack of confidence had to do with how well our defense was controlling the play.  Even as we kept getting three-and-out drives, I knew that we could contain the Panthers time after time.

B.R.: I could look into his eyes and could tell that my brother came this close to pointing his finger at my face...

B.W.: No, I didn't!

B.R.: That's what the baby of the family always says!

B.W.: (Giggles)

B.R.: I marvel at how halftime went.  The performance was the usual spectacular, but what I'll remember more is how efficient the operation was.  The playing field was converted into a concert stage in only about five minutes, the stage was torn down even quicker than that, and the field was no worse for wear when it was all over.

B.W.: During the game I kept looking over my shoulder at Brandon.  It turns out he was watching the game on TV!  He was somehow able to use his Wi-Fi connection to get the live game stream.  When we were riding back to the hotel room, he confirmed that he was also watching the commercials.  His favorites: The never-ending Toyota Prius chase and the Heinz ad with the invading hot dogs. 

(cont.): I nervously counted down the seconds until the end of the game.  At the end, it was pure joy on our side of the box!  I was then whisked down to the field to enjoy the moment with the Broncos players.  I have pictures of me with Peyton Manning, game MVP Von Miller, and Aqib Talib.  I also received a "celebration" T-shirt, a "celebration" hat, and a dummy front page of The Denver Post (I quickly autographed the last of those items).

B.R.: As for the rest of us, we went down to the tailgate area and sat and talked while we waited for Buddy to return from the field.  Once we were all reunited, it was back to the hotel for our final night.  Our flight back to North Carolina leaves at 6:45 a.m. [Monday] morning and should arrive at about noon local time here, 3 p.m. local to us (Eastern time).  Only Buddy and I will be on it; the rest of us in attendance today will leave the area on a commercial flight two hours later.

B.W.: Super Bowl 50 was an adventure of a lifetime.  If you can go someday, please do it!

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Sunday, February 7, 2016

Buddy and Bobby's Super adventure: Day 2

This is a more-or-less true account of Buddy Wayne and Bobby Ray Barefoot's second day in the San Francisco Bay Area as Super Bowl 50 is just hours away.  Click here to see part 1.

B.W.: This morning, we were picked up at our hotel and taken to a small airstrip from which we boarded a helicopter to fly to the Napa Valley.

B.R.: There are, by one estimate, over 300 wineries in the valley, perhaps the place in the United States most associated with wine, so it takes a lot to stand out.  But I'm sure we won't forget where went, because of both the product name and the owner's name: Squashing Leamy Vineyard, owned by Katharine Winehouse.

B.W. What better name for a winery or its owner!  It was just meant to be, right?

B.R.: Of course.  But we wouldn't go there if the product was crappy or the owner difficult to work with.  Thankfully, Ms. Winehouse is emerging as one of the best boutique vintners in the area.  That means she makes wine in small quantities and sells most of her product locally.

B.W.: I asked her about the whole business.
  • Me: Is that your real name?  And are you related to the late singer [Amy]?
  • Kate: Yes, that is my real name, and no, I don't know of at least a direct relation.  But I am asked all the time if I inherited anything from her. (giggles)
  • Me: Where did the name come from?
  • Kate: Over a summer, my mother and I watched the game show Now You See It and I saw the letters on the screen.  When I got into the business years later, something within my brain recalled the "word" quickly and I saw how perfect the name was.  After all, unless you squash the grapes, you don't have a product, right? (giggles again)
  • Me: How did you get involved in the business?
  • Kate: I grew up near Philadelphia.  After college, I took a job at a hotel in the Napa Valley and decided I wanted to work at a winery.  I spent over 10 years in the business and saved enough money to buy a small building and a plot of land attached to it.  That was six years ago.

After that brief interview, we toured the 15-acre facility and had a tasting.  I have never drank alcohol in my life, so he convinced me to taste the product by saying, "If it was good enough for Jesus Christ, it's good enough for you."  I did taste the wine, but I ran to a nearby bathroom and threw up.

B.R.: Oh well.  You've got to build the tolerance.

B.W.: Whatever.  Anyway, we then got into a hot-air balloon and flew to a nearby restaurant for a gourmet lunch - roasted duck, potatoes, and mixed vegetables.  Yum!  I wish we could stay all day in this beautiful setting, but around 3 p.m. we had to go back to the chopper and head back to the city.

B.R.: Where to next, brother?

B.W.: We then walked the red carpet at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco.  It was great to meet and spend a few moments with some of our fans.  We then went inside and joined the presenters for the NFL Honors award show.  In its fifth year, the NFL organizes a Hollywood-caliber show with current and former players, film and TV stars, and other celebrities.  During the show, we present the Associated Press Defensive Player of the Year Award to J.J. Watt of the Houston Texans.

B.R.: During the show, we got a phone call from Brandy.  We sent her to Taste of the NFL to represent the farm and our efforts to end hunger in America.  Taste - which itself is celebrating a milestone, its 25th year - includes current and former players, chefs, and other famous people in a food sampling and a social event.  This year, it was at the Cow Palace, maybe 15 miles south of where we were.

B.W.: As the night wrapped up, we caught up with the farm back home (Popeye's in charge in our place) and, more importantly, we met our families who will accompany us to Levi's Stadium tomorrow.  They are: my wife Brittany, our daughter Lizzie, Bobby's wife Jennifer, and their daughter Belinda.  Brandy will fly back to North Carolina and miss the game - at least in person.  Maybe the flight will arrive in time for her to watch the action on TV.

Join us for the exciting conclusion.  Go Broncos!

B.R.: Keep pounding!  And remember what I said on Friday.

("Katherine Winehouse" is actually Julia Gilliard, former prime minister of Australia.)

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Buddy and Bobby's Super adventure: Day 1

Last October, Buddy Wayne and Bobby Ray Barefoot agreed to split the grand prize in the survivor pool called Super Bowl Scramble: The Road to Santa Clara.  The prize includes tickets to Super Bowl 50, access to the major events held just before the game, exclusive tailgate access on game day, airfare and hotel accomodations.

The game matches the favorite teams of the brothers, as B.W. wants the Denver Broncos to win and B.R. is rooting for the Carolina Panthers.

What follows is an account of their would-be adventures on Day 1, which was Friday.

B.W.: We arrived late last night and got to our hotel rooms at about 10 p.m.  We got to sleep easily, which comes as no surprise since we traveled three time zones west to get here.  But then the alarm clock sounded at about 3:30 this morning.  Since the breakfast place wasn't open in the hotel, we had to go to our provisions of beef jerky and processed cheese.  Not what we're used to at home, but what else could we do?

B.R.: The reason we were up in the darkness was to travel to the Moscone Convention Center in downtown San Francisco.  That's the location of the Bridgestone Fan Gallery, which has also been designated as the "broadcast center" for the thousands of reporters and staff that have come to Super Bowl 50.  The first of our many interviews today was for the Boomer and Carton Show, which airs on WFAN radio and CBS Sports Network, and started at about 4:30 a.m.

B.W.: Former NFL quarterback Boomer Esiason and co-host Craig Carton marveled at how, unlike other "radio row" guests this week, we seemed not to come on behalf of a product or service.  I quickly corrected them: "OK, so that's technically true, but if I had to pitch something, it's NFL On Location."  Then I added how we won the trip to get here, the perks we're getting here, and asked listeners and viewers to visit the website for more information.

B.R.: Then it was on to CBS This Morning.  We were asked for the specific reasons we root for our respective teams.  At the end we wished Gayle King luck on her scheduled interview with President Obama and his wife the First Lady that will air on The Super Bowl Today, the network's pregame show.

B.W.: A catered breakfast followed backstage.  Pancakes, eggs, sausage and bacon looked - and tasted - good!  This is what we're used to back home.  We checked in with our cousin Brandy and with Noah at the one-room schoolhouse, then at 9:30 a.m., it was on to The Herd with Colin Cowherd.  The sports-talk veteran is now on FOX (radio and TV) after many years on ESPN.  Cowherd admitted he is a fan of none of what we do (NASCAR, country music, non-fiction TV) and was perplexed about my firing and re-hiring Miss Hambone.  But he admired our true passion for the teams we root for and asked us to put our predictions on the board, not only who will win but also by how many points.  My brother has the Panthers winning by 13, and said "I'm gonna kick...your...butt!"  I shot back with "I won't kick your butt, but you won't win either!"  I picked the Broncos to win by 6.

B.R.: I stand by my pick.  The Panthers will indeed kick butt on Sunday!

B.W. Whatever.  Next for us was The Doug Gottlieb Show, also on CBS SN and simulcast on CBS Sports Radio.  Gottlieb is a former college basketball point guard who has expanded his sports knowledge enough to get a daily talk show.  The discussion turned sobering, with topics such as Louisville taking itself out of postseason play due to a call girl scandal and whether Johnny Manziel will live to see another birthday.  But in the end, it all turned back to Super Bowl talk, which made it a bit reassuring.

B.R.: Onward and upward, to the massive NFL Shop.  Let me put it this way: Everything ever made licensed by the NFL is for sale here.  We bought about $400 worth of merchandise, including game programs, plushes of the team mascots, and a poster with replica tickets from all 50 games.  Next up...

B.W.: Oh, yes, the NFL Experience.  Before we went, I put on lots of makeup and a fake beard so I would not be recognized.  Bobby decided to go as he was, but some people pointed him out right away and he signed and took selfies with some of the other visitors.  You can see a complete list of attractions here, and believe me, we did just about all of them.  (For the record, I beat Bobby by about a quarter second in the 40-yard dash, giving me the right to simulate a kick return for a touchdown.)  Being just "two of the boys" was a great thing and gave us a great opportunity to escape the fish bowl of our fame, if only temporarily.

B.R.: Next up was The 50th Mile.  A cool thing!  Starting at NFLX, there are 10 kiosks with information about every Super Bowl so far.  At the end is Super Bowl City, which is a promenade at Justin Herman Plaza within sight of the ferry boat landing.  We mixed in with the huge crowds there, and then it got a little spooky...

B.W.: Let me back up.  There is a large music stage in Super Bowl City, with a daily lineup of performers.  On this night, the featured night act was OneRepublic.  Yes, the same band that sang the theme song - "I Lived" - at my public celebration of my NASCAR Hall of Fame induction last week in Raleigh!  Oh, and Hambone did a routine set to another of their hits, "When Love Runs Out," at the 57th Grammy Awards last year.  It's as if God ordained it!

B.R.: Because He did.

B.W.: After that, we wrapped up the night by playing virtual-reality football.  Unfortunately, here in this fake world, my throwing arm is not as good as Bud Strickland's!  (Strickland is a former high school quarterback and former boss of Hambone's at Camp Paradise in Four Oaks, NC.)  

B.R.: Back to our hotel rooms now.  What a day we have planned for tomorrow, starting in the Napa Valley and ending at NFL Honors.  Our adventure has just begun!

Saturday, January 30, 2016

BMN Celebrity Superfan New Orleans - Episode 3

For this episode, the teams come together to work on the backyard.  It will include playground equipment, a ball pit, a bounce house, tables, chairs, and a fire pit.  Shandi stops the work to make an announcement: Each team is now tasked with decorating the planters that will go outside!  The winning team in this part of the challenge gets the advantage for the dinner challenge.

Team Sadie's "patriotic" design of red roses and white and blue tulips is judged better than Team Shawn's hydrangeas in a vase shaped like an ancient Egyptian urn.

The week's dinner challenge asks the team to cook and serve a Cajun-inspired meal for 150 clients of the Bluebird Fund, who are attending a national convention in New Orleans.  The Fund pays for funerals, memorials, and living expenses for those who have suddenly lost loved ones or close friends.  Brenda Barefoot will attend the event, and will decide the winning team with help from guest feedback, and the losing team has someone who goes home.  As the advantage, Team Sadie has access to modern cooking items; Team Shawn can only use traditional cooking implements like pot-bellied stoves and fireplaces.

Both teams started with gumbo appetizers.  Sadie Robertson's menu is then followed by crawfish etouffee and bananas Foster.  Meanwhile, Shawn Michaels' team makes open-faced po'boy sandwiches, Cajun-style French fries, and pralines.

It was a close vote, but Team Sadie wins and gains immunity for the second week in a row.  Brenda cites her leadership skills and consistent plating and taste.

At judging, Shawn Michaels calls out Nick and Brooke as the weakest competitors.  Brooke, he complains, put too much salt in the gumbo and placed too few fish in the etouffee.  As for Nick, Shawn calls him out for misreading the recipes, forcing them to correct some of the items just in time for service.  "What could I really do differently," Nick insists.  "I couldn't really cook the food."  In response, Brandon McLamb plays back his audition video in which Nick's wife details how he sometimes help his wife cook.  Nick shoots back, "Not complicated food like that."

In the end, Nick's attitude problem is deemed worse than Brooke's complete lack of cooking sense, and the limbless one is sent home.  In the confessional, he says, "If I learned anything from this, it's that I should always be grateful for what I have and take pride in who I am and what I've done.  Very unfortunately, I made a critical mistake in the judging and I accept what I did and move on."

Saturday, January 23, 2016

BMN Celebrity Superfan New Orleans - Episode 2

For the week, the contestants' work task is to rebuild the kids' bedroom.  Sadie Robertson, the losing team captain from the week before, redoubles its efforts, hoping for another strong showing that could help them in the judging.  Meanwhile, Shawn Michaels focuses on giving his team a more consistent week to avoid any of them being eliminated.

The opening challenge is to catapult mud balls onto a large cornhole target in order to accumulate as many points as possible.  Due to Nick Vujicic's lack of limbs, he's not allowed to compete, and the teams are even otherwise.

Team Sadie wins the challenge, thanks to high-scoring efforts from Robertson, Bethany Hamilton, and Alex Debogorski.  The work crew gets extra building materials and, more importantly, a 30-minute head start on their work compared to the opposing crew.  "That's OK.  We'll work smarter, not harder," Michaels sniffs.

Both teams struggle with the design specifications of the room.  Sean Lowe places stuffed bears in the oldest child's bed instead of the one shared by the two younger ones.  On the other hand, Melinda Doolittle puts too much paint in the room, and the professional supervisors have to remove the paint, which is not what they were supposed to do.

The after-dinner challenge is meant to simulate what the Barefoots would likely do if they lived in Louisiana: killing beavers.  Sadie's eyes light up, as she vividly remembers her uncles and grandfather doing so on a regular basis.  So imagine her surprise when she finds out that the beavers are actually costumed humans and this is similar to laser tag!  Vujicic is able to compete this time, with a gun attached to his mouth.  Meanwhile, LeCrae sits out as the extra man on his team.

After a wild contest full of made shots, missed shots, and some embarrassing moments, Team Sadie wins
and evens the elimination challenge record for the season.  The ladies really stepped it up, as Robertson and Laura and Heather Beanblossom ("pictured" at right) had the best performances.

At elimination, Brandon McLamb says that it's easy for them to decide who to put up: "Sean [Lowe] and Candace [Cameron Bure] had by far the worst weeks.  Both made mistakes in the execution of the room, then neither had the standout performances they needed to have in the 'beaver hunt.'" 

After both made their cases to stay, Brandon comes back with the announcement: Since Sean did slightly better in the hunting challenge, Candace is eliminated.  "Yes, I'm disappointed to go this early, but I had a blast doing this and maybe someday I'll do it again," the actress says.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

BMN Celebrity Superfan: New Orleans - Episode 1

After being off for over a year, BMN Superfan, the channel's reality competition series, is back!

This season, the cast consists of well-known actors, musicians, athletes, and others who are fans of Gone Barefoot and/or the Barefoot family.  In addition, they have used their platform as famous people to advocate for Christian living - just as the Barefoots have.

Just as in season 3, competition takes place amidst a renovation.  This time, it's a new home for the Grant family of the Gentilly section of New Orleans, which was devastated by Hurricane Katrina.  Everett Jr. and Anita and their three children have spent the last 10 years in Houston and never figured to return to "the Big Easy," but a combination of a tug of heart strings and a generous mortgage offer have lured them back.

Here are the 14 contestants and their credentials:
⦁    Ryan O'Quinn - He is an actor, comedian, author, and voice-over character.  He is also an advocate for clean comedy and positive portrayals of Christians in media.
⦁    Candace Cameron Bure - In the 1980s, she played D. J. Tanner on the ABC series Full House.  Today, she's still an actress, but is also a motivational speaker and author.  Bure competed on Dancing with the Stars in season 17 and is married to a former National Hockey League player.
⦁    Sadie Robertson - She also was on DWTS, finishing second in season 19.  Sadie made her name as part of the cast of Duck Dynasty (she is CEO Willie Robertson's daughter and legendary hunter Phil Robertson's granddaughter).  The entire family is faith-based and has hosted Miss Hambone on two occasions.
⦁    Tim Tebow - In 2007, he won the Heisman Trophy as the top college football player that season.  He has played professionally for the Denver Broncos and New York Jets and is now a broadcaster for ESPN.  He was born to missionary parents in the Philippines.
⦁    Melinda Doolittle - The singer finished third on American Idol in season 6.  Since then, she has been a professional singer, songwriter, and author.
⦁    Nick Vujicic - Born in Melbourne, Australia, Vujicic now lives in southern California with his wife and their two children.  He has overcome being born without arms or legs to live as normal a life as possible.  He speaks around the world and has written three books.
⦁    Bethany Hamilton - After losing her left hand during a shark attack, the professional surfer quickly returned to competition and inspired the entire sports world.  Hamilton wrote an autobiography, Soul Surfer, which was turned into a movie in 2013.  She and her boyfriend competed on The Amazing Race in 2014.
⦁    Alex Debogorski - He is one of the cast members on the longtime History series Ice Road Truckers.  He speaks often of his faith and prays regularly on the show.
⦁    LeCrae - Christian rap may seem to be a contradiction in terms, but LeCrae has made it work as he has become a mainstream music star.  Both albums have gone gold, and he has performed on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.
⦁    Laura & Heather Beanblossom - These twins are actresses, scriptwriters, and producers of Christian movies which are centered on cautionary tales, but end with positive messages.  The Indiana natives were named "Entertainers of the Year" by CEN in 2015.
⦁    Shawn Michaels - In a career spanning more than 20 years, he held the WWE world heavyweight title four times and is considered one of the greatest stars in its history.  Michaels has often spoken on how he found God at the lowest point in his life.
⦁    Sean Lowe - He was the suitor on season 13 of The Bachelor after making his debut on season 6 of The Bachelorette.  Lowe is now married to the woman he proposed to at the end of his second run, and became a published author in 2015.
⦁    Brooke Liptrap - A popular contestant in season 1, she has settled back into her life as a single mother in Maryland.

Episode 1 (Jan. 10, 2016)
After a brief welcome, host Shandi Finnessey introduces the first challenge; it's all-important as it will determine the team captains for the first part of the competition.  The object is to find one of two large egg-shaped balls that are painted with two of the colors of Mardi Gras - green and yellow.  The two superfans who find the balls will be captains of the crews that will work on the house in which the Grants will eventually move.

As some participants like the limbless Nick lay back, others get into the competition.  Eventually, a slow and steady approach wins the green egg for Sadie, while more aggression and strategy nets Shawn the yellow egg.  They then pick the following crews:
⦁    Sadie - Bethany, Laura, Heather, Alex, Ryan, Melinda
⦁    Shawn - Tim, LeCrae, Candace, Sean, Nick, Brooke

In confessional, Sadie talks about drafting an all-female team, but the format of alternating picks would not allow for that to occur.  Brooke complains about no one respecting her past experience on the show.

The first day's renovation work is to finish the parents' bedroom, using the design and specifications of the Grant family and overseen by a professional team.  After a dinner break, the first evening challenge takes place; after each of these, one contestant will be eliminated. 

The idea is to simulate the conditions that led to the failure of the levees in New Orleans and the death, destruction, and despair that followed.  Using clay molds and adhesives, the teams are to built a levee that will survive a test involving large amounts of water.  However, some of the pieces have holes in them that must be fixed at the same time the levee is being built.  The contest is to continue until either 10 minutes are up or one of the scale models breaks.

Shawn is amazed at some of Nick's building techniques, while Team Sadie bickers constantly, leaving her to say, "I wish Willie [Sadie's CEO father] was here to straighten things out."

The model built by Team Sadie collapses about two minutes before time was to expire, giving Team Shawn the win and immunity for the week.  Sadie, thinking that contestants would conduct the weekly vote, forms an alliance to target Laura and Heather for their lack of work throughout the week.  Therefore, she's shocked to find out that the decision is out of her hands and instead to be decided by the judges: Brandon McLamb and former contestants Barbie Blank and Mikel de Vries.  The judges will use what they've learned about the challenge results and the week's build to send someone home.

According to the judges' evaluation, Sadie's crew had a very inconsistent week: They actually did a better job in the renovation, but simply fell apart in the main build.  When asked to explain what happened, Sadie owns up to the failure in the main challenge, but place the Beanblossom twins and Ryan under the bus in an attempt to save herself.  Ryan responds by accusing Sadie of being a "favored daughter" on the show: "You just don't want her gone."  With the comments ringing in their ears, the judges deliberate and come to a somewhat surprising decision.

First, it's time to award the week's win.  It goes to Nick, who gets something else new for the show: Immunity for the following episode.   Meanwhile, Ryan is the first contestant to be sent home.  "I guess that's what they want," Ryan says in confessional.  "Let's just hope the judges are fair to everyone moving forward.  And that includes Sadie."

Saturday, December 26, 2015

A look inside the Barefoot reunion

Merry belated Christmas and happy Boxing Day and New Year to all.

For this post, probably the last of 2015, I had intended to convert another of the A&E Duck Dynasty photographs into a Barefoot family edition.  The original picture - shown below - is that of a reunion of Robertson family members organized for an episode called "Stand By Mia" that aired on Mar. 26, 2014.  It was the idea of Mia Robertson, daughter of show co-star Jase, who was born with a cleft lip and palate and wanted to have something special before a major bone-graft surgery to help correct the condition.  In all, 85 people showed up.

The version I had intended would have featured the 13 farm residents, as well as many others, in the Robertson roles.  This would have "commemorated" the reunion I have documented in an earlier post in which I shared two of the document files.

However, I have found the work to be daunting and, although I am continuing to work on it, the Barefoot/Robertson project is far from done.  But I felt I needed to do a replacement I could share with you right away.  So what you're seeing now is a picture of Buddy Wayne, Bobby Ray, and Brenda at the reunion modeling the T-shirts that were made for the event.

The shirts themselves were designed at the Custom Ink website for the color choice and the text and at Photoshop for the addition of the graphic, which was selected from another design.