Thursday, October 4, 2012

Meet the McLambs

Here are the 18 members of the McLamb family that are in rivalry with the Barefoot family that was discussed in the previous post.  This is also a large residence with three parts.

The western residence has mother Gaynell, father Linwood, daughters Shayla (Buddy Wayne Barefoot's first wife; see chapters 10 and 11) and Shawnelle, and sons Coy Lee and Charlie.

In the middle are father Jerald Dean, mother Burlene, their son Brandon (Barefoot's longtime friend), and their daughter Brianna (first syllable is pronounced like "dry," not like the usual "free").

Finally, three generations share the dwelling on the east side: grandma Lula Mae and grandpa Willard; their daughters Rachel and Rebecca; Rebecca's husband Ronnie Dale; and their daughters Laura, Lindsay, and LaRayne.

Avatars: "Shayla" is former high-school softball player Brittany Black; "Brianna" is country-music singer Brittany McLamb; and "LaRayne" is Bella Dye, a 3-year-old girl from Bakersfield, CA.

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