Saturday, October 5, 2013

Publicity photo for Hambone's "spinoff"

As I mentioned in my last post, I only worked on one Photoshop picture this week.  But it was an important one, as it sets the scene for my latest TV show creation involving the Barefoot family.

Reba Pearl "Hambone" is the star of What the Buck?  The caption describes what the show is all about, and introduces who else is on it.  However, a greater explanation is needed:

Hambone is the owner of Camp Paradise, located in Four Oaks, NC; the campsite is located about two miles from where she and the rest of "the 13" live.  Camp Paradise looks like any other summer camp, complete with bunk beds, counselors, and social activities.  But it has a specific, significant purpose.

Some years ago, the idea came to John C. "Bear" Barefoot, a third cousin of Buddy Wayne's, to start the camp.  Bear had learned that over 140 people are in the fifth through seventh generations of the Handy Barefoot descent.  Most of them were born in the last 30 years, which have seen tremendous advances in
communication and changes in pop culture.  He feared that traditional methods of living were being lost without being transmitted to future generations.  These include hunting, fishing, and general survival skills.

The camp debuted during the first season of Gone Barefoot; Bunky went there at the insistence of Buddy Wayne, who saw that he was slow to adapt to the simpler ways of life.  At the same time, Hambone was hired as one of the counselors, working for Bear and his three brothers - Boo Boo, Cooter, and Little Jack.  Her unusual ideas of how to run camp life caused huge battles with the founders.  The brothers backed down and turned over the entire camp to her this past winter.

What the Buck? - based on a cleaned-up common expression Ralph taught Hambone - "premiered" on Sep. 4.  It includes ideas of Heaven and the afterlife which are counter to what are commonly perceived, and instead fit Southern "redneck" stereotypes often seen in film and on TV.  Scenes include regular social drinking (mostly beer), mud bogging, and barbeques cooked over bonfires.  By far the most controversial scene had her jump into a water hole wearing only a bra and panties (while the brothers wore nothing but briefs).

Of course, Hambone's dumb jokes are a huge part of each episode and the opening theme is her body music.

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