Tuesday, October 22, 2013

BMN Superfan - episode 3, season 2

With 12 contestants remaining, producers decide to shake up the teams.  A random draw realigns them into four trios, as follows: Brooke, Adam, and Casey; Jason, Alecia, and Bobbington; ButtaFly, Deb, and Wayne; Pam, Meredith, and Tim.

The next challenge is a photo shoot, just as in season 1.  This time, however, each member of the trio is to wear camouflage and replicate the famous picture taken by Hambone, Ralph, and Harvey prior to the hunting trip that was shown on Gone Barefoot during its second season.  Local photographer Ken Tart returns to the show to take their photos.  They are judged on body positioning, ability to replicate the shot, and overall personality.  The best trio will each get $50 credits at the family's online store, while the worst trio is subject to elimination.

As he is a hunter and fisherman, Adam naturally relishes the camo look, and in fact "coaches" the rest of the team in how to handle the shoot.  Brooke says she appreciates that, and hopes it helps them win.  On the other hand, ButtaFly finds the idea unappealing: "I'm a city girl and it doesn't look good on me."  What everyone needs is patience: it takes Ken Tart over three hours, and some 20 pictures per team, in getting the pictures he wants.  (It doesn't help that Tart's equipment malfunctions during the shoot.)

During the judging, Brandon McLamb impersonates fashion-show judge Nigel Barker with an over-the-top British accent that makes everybody laugh.  He later announces that "Team ABC" - Adam, Brooke, and Casey - have won the challenge and the credits.  According to McLamb, Adam was the driving force behind the win by coordinating all the team efforts and making everyone look good.

Of course, there are some rocky moments.  Bobbington complains the camo doesn't fit him; a producer responds that this is the biggest size they have and there's nothing he can do about it.  Alecia blunders the shot completely, then confesses that she missed the original episode.  ("She should go home just for that alone," Deb whispers.)  And Wayne is so nervous he throws up.

At panel, the Jason/Alecia/Bobbington photo and the ButtaFly/Deb/Wayne photo are considered the two worst.  After some argument, ButtaFly, Deb, and Wayne are saved.  Then comes the biggest bombshell of the season yet: This is a double-elimination challenge!  "The math just doesn't look good," Alecia says in an understatement.

Before announcing the decision, Brandon details the problems: the heights aren't proportional, the camo wasn't worn correctly, and Bobbington complained too loudly.  With that, the former college football player and police officer is eliminated.  "I'll watch it back, realize what a jerk I was, and learn from it to live better from now on," he says in confessional.  Then Alecia is sent home, removing the last link to the sports world from the competition.  "From now on, I'm paying more attention to everything, because you never know how it will be used, somehow."

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