Saturday, October 12, 2013

The possibilities are endless...

It has been four weeks since I resumed Photoshop class at ABC Adult School, but I keep finding ways to put my characters in all sorts of situations.  Two more examples are below.

In the first, which I completed just minutes ago, I made Belinda's dollhouse.  I began by taking a picture of a dollhouse off the Internet which was already fully assembled and included a girl model.  Belinda's face is superimposed above the original model, with cloning done to remove extra hair in the original model (the faces are on equal levels).  Then I used another photo to select four dolls that Belinda would own - Priscilla Peterpotterpiper, Sarah Michelle MacSmelliefoote, Benjamin Jeremiah Boogerberger, and Anna Maria McBonniebreath.  (Sarah and Benjamin are the married couple on the bed and Priscilla is partially obscured.)  I like dollhouses, as it allows young people - especially women - to have fun while acting out their takes on life.  Unfortunately, the art of dolls has been lost due to the proliferation of video games, organized sports, and other modern activities.

The second is a barn scene starring Bobby Ray, the animal trainer, and "redneck woman" Hambone.  I made a clever depiction of B.R. petting a mule and Hambone with her hands in pockets.  Hope you enjoy it!

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