Friday, August 23, 2013

This blog is the solution to a problem

I interrupt my normal blog to present the solution to a problem.

Among my other interests is to follow news items involving sports broadcasting and telecast.  I have done so by using the506 website and forums (latter requires registration to show).  Here's what I wrote recently when I tried to share some new graphics being used by CBS Sports:

Unfortunately, I can't share the screenshot I made with you.  The screenshot is on my hard drive and it appears the program will not allow me to browse the drive to add it to the post.

All I can do is to go to an address with the image on it and place a [img][/img]tag around it.

Therefore, I will place the picture here (from a qualifying match for the U.S. Open tennis tournament) here.  It will generate the address the SMF (which is the name of the program) requires to post the picture onto the forum.

Hope it helps!

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