Saturday, August 17, 2013

More Adobe stuff: Brittany's new middle name and more

Since I started to use Photoshop at home - and by the way, thanks to the $19.95 student discount, I will do more such work in the future - I have used it to re-create some montages I didn't like the first time, and create some new ones as well.  I'll share examples of both here.

First off, I have Buddy Wayne - known for living up to his last name and encouraging others to do the same - actually wearing shoes for once!  This is part of the formal clothing he has to wear for the Idealia leadership conference.  The caption is self-explanatory; Lyman Bowling Jr. is actually Bill Bump, pastor of a Methodist church in Kansas and father of a BMN Superfan "participant" in season 1.  (By the way, I have created an InDesign project as well, which is a family "yearbook" similar to one published by The Daily Record in Dunn, NC.  In it, I share the detail that Idealia, a place I made up for the original book in 2007, is based on Stone Mountain, GA, site of the famous rock formation and "Dixie Mount Rushmore."  I also reveal that there is an annual Miss Idealia pageant in which Brandy is a past contestant, no surprise given that former Miss North Carolina contestant Amanda Barefoot is her avatar.)

Up next, my naughty side came out as I created real barenaked ladies who can sing, a parody of the all-male Canadian band of the same name.  Yeah, they're actually in bras and panties, because that's as far as I really want to go (right, Meat Loaf?)  Anyway, the members of the doo-wop singing group have names similar to celebrities: Vicky Lynn Hogan, Brandy Roderick, Tara Patrick, and Michelle Mitchell.  (Check the Wikipedia page redirects for their better-known stage names.)

Next, I go back to the family and create a porch-sitting scene with Buddy Wayne, Brenda, and Brandy.   For backdrop, I used the same country home photo that was the basis of the official family picture.  I dressed up the characters, then used puppet warp to sit them down right on the chairs provided.

Finally, I have decided to make a bold move with one of my main characters: I have changed Brittany Spears' middle name!  Bye-bye Lynnette, hello Raylene.  There are several reasons for this: It further distinguishes Brittany from Britney Spears, given that Britney's mother's first name is Lynne; Brittany's mom's name Rebecca starts with the same letter, and most importantly it honors Ray Lee Bob McGrubb, Rebecca's autistic brother, by tagging a similar female name on Rebecca's first - and only - daughter.  (Of course, in the world to come, McGrubb is now free of the disorder which I also have.)  You may notice a slight change in the font from the original picture, because the Trajan Pro font used here is slightly different from the one installed in class which I used originally, and also because the original file was a JPEG.

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