Saturday, August 31, 2013

Some late summer work

As I approach a family vacation to San Francisco next week, followed by the resumption of ABC Adult School the following week, here is some more of my recent work.  The first and third I made with Photoshop, the second with InDesign.

I begin with something I did some months ago, but have forgotten completely about.  It is a four-line, 14-letter word puzzle inspired by the game show Now You See It.   That show was short-lived, but I love it to death, and I have caught every episode that has been uploaded to YouTube.  The puzzle is among those who would find in the second round, in which contestants had to find six answers that fit specific categories.  If you're a real fan of this site, you should be able to find the right answers easily.:)

Next is an "advertisement" for the Southern Off-Road Championship Series, a cross between the lifestyle of Mud Lovin' Rednecks and the intensity of NASCAR racing.  One of Buddy Wayne's uncles, Randy, is among the full-time drivers in the series.  As you can see, I have created a 14-race schedule with championship points on the line.  I am very intrigued by the SORCS concept and may have more information on it in a future post.  (By the way, MLR resurfaced on Animal Planet this past Monday as a series.)

Finally, I have a publicity photo for the Barefoot Moms' Club.  Brenda, Annie, Jennifer, and Brandy have formed a social club since their merged families came together.  Activities include quilting bees, communal dinners, and themed parties.  The club also taped a reality TV series for the Barefoot Media Network; its last episode had Brenda visit the house of her father Tommy Raynor, her sister Bonnie, and her brother W. J.  All of them died before turning age 50, and the sight of them being resurrected was obviously very emotional for Brenda.

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