Sunday, August 25, 2013

Back to school with the extended family

It's time to go back to school all over the United States.

Their parents may not have bought fancy clothes or the latest technological gadgets, but 19 members of the Barefoot extended family - ages 6 to 14 - are being sent back for more education.  They are attending a one-room schoolhouse in Benson, NC at the home of Noah John and Patsy Ellen Barefoot.  Noah is the brother of Popeye, his son Noah Jr. is the teacher, and grandson Noah III is one of the students.  Belinda and Bryson are two other students in a group of ten girls and nine boys.

As I explained on this page nearly a year ago, when Belinda and Bryson attended another school while waiting for this one to open, education continues only through eighth grade and the school year takes place during the time when the harvest is fallow, from the end of fall to the beginning of spring.  The Barefoot family school year is only five months long, rather than the eight months in most American school districts.

Front row: Noah Jr., Brittany, Lollie, Lovie, Bryson, Belinda, Danielle, Cameron, Alyssa, Mickey, Juliet (Noah Jr.'s wife)
Back row: Terry, Noah III, Ola, Timmy, Tammy, Adam, Amanda, Matthew, Ricky, Brookie 

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