Saturday, January 24, 2015

BMN Superfan season 3, episode 8

I have completed my catchup of last fall's version of my made-up "reality" series, BMN Superfan!  I am placing the three posts back-to-back-to-back to represent the remaining episodes. - D.H.

At the beginning of the show, Shandi congratulates the final six and reminds them they are now competing as individuals.  She also reveals that Popeye's five brothers and Blake - Brandy and Bunky's brother - have arrived at the farm to help in the daily chores.  Maurice finds them fascinating "in the sense that we are learning an entirely new way of life [from them] and a moment in time we don't see anymore."

To better acclimate everyone, there is no morning competition.  However, David Stewart - neighbor of the Barefoots and former vice-president of the North Carolina Board of Agriculture - makes a surprise inspection of the farm, asks questions, and writes down a report.

Hambone, one of the hottest and most innovative stars in music today, is the subject of
the memory wall challenge; the wall item is a poster promoting a national tour with Hambone and fellow body percussionists Steve Hickman and the Lierman Brothers.   The challenge is a balance-endurance test: Contestants are placed on top of a platform with room to balance only one foot.  On top of their heads is a table; to begin, one small filled barrel is placed on the table, then every five minutes another barrel is stacked on top of it, adding weight and further affecting balance.  The last standing contestants wins immunity and a prize.  It's explained that the challenge reflects Hambone's love of living life on the edge.

Immediately, Maurice has an apparent panic attack and pulls out just about a minute after the start.  He is checked out by medics while the test continues.  Next to be eliminated is Shannon, nine minutes in.  It takes until the addition of the fourth barrel at the 18-minute mark before Curtis is ousted.  Right after that, Jamie makes an incredible save to avoid going down; eventually, four contestants remain when the fifth and final barrel is added.  However, it takes only seconds for Michael to go down, leaving Jamie and Aubrey standing.  The two have friendly competition, singing and telling stories to each other, taking the edge off.  At 44 minutes, Jamie is blown off by a slight move to the right, and Aubrey is the winner.  She earns $1,000 cash, and the same amount is added to the jackpot for a new total of $71,000.

Maurice is checked out to be OK and joins the rest of the cast for panel.  Bill Leslie marvels about how Jamie and Aubrey stayed respectful throughout their head-to-head duel at the end and did not try to make deals to eliminate the other.  "They definitely both deserve to stay," agrees Barbie Blank.  Then Bill reveals that what David found on the farm will go a long way in determining who will stay and who will go.

According to David, Maurice has worked hard and adjusted, while Curtis is "simply a natural."  On the other hand, Shannon is slow to work at tasks, and Michael left a cow-milking pail unattended; he insists that he simply forgot and thought one of the brothers or Blake was going to pick it up.  "Don't always count on it," Barbie snaps.  Both Shannon and Michael give their cases as to why they should stay on the farm.  Michael cites an ease of getting along with people, and Shannon says she has the better record in elimination contests.  The latter is more convincing, and Michael is sent home.

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