Friday, January 9, 2015

BMN Superfan season 3, episode 5

This week, I did a lot of catchup work on last fall's mythical BMN Superfan: The Name Game (which is the name of the current season).  So much so that it will be the subject of the next three posts. - D.H.

Shandi begins by reminding contestants to be on their best behavior in the aftermath of Rob's insulting comments directed toward Julie at the end of the last episode.  Rob apologizes to Julie, but is told that any further violations will result in immediate dismissal.   Then comes the first bombshell of the season - this is a double-elimination day!  In fact, both challenges will result in someone going home.

For the morning challenge, all three teams participate in two head-to-head matches to see who can produce the most milk from the family's two cows, Ellie and Mildred.  The milking takes place relay-style with each team member competing for 90 seconds.  The red team faces the blue in the first match, while the green team has a bye.  The green shirts also chose Jamie to sit out due to them having an extra member.

The red team wins the tournament, first by beating the blue team in the first match by about one-half of a fluid ounce, then by defeating the green team.  In that second team, the green team leads early, but loses the advantage when the suction hole loosens from the teats.  Michael, Aubrey, and Keiji win $2,500 each complements of the North Carolina Dairy Board.  The NCDB also adds $3,000 to the prize jackpot, making it an even $60,000.  For losing the first matchup, the blues are up for elimination, and the deliberation is all about whether Rob should be given a second chance in the house.  A desperate Rob puts Alecia and Curtis under the bus, blaming them for making him look like the bad guy when "Julie wasn't the hero either."  Judges Barbie Blank and Bill Leslie aren't impressed and send Rob home.

As the next challenge awaits, Alecia and Curtis feel the pressure: "If either of us is eliminated after this, only one of us is left, and believe me single-occupancy is no fun," Curtis observes.

The evening challenge is dedicated to Popeye, and the memory wall is the gold medal he won in a local bunco game.  It's a three-way dice-throwing race, in which two dice is thrown with the object of scoring the highest possible number on each roll.  The first team to reach the "finish line" with a total score of 100 wins the challenge.  But there's a twist: Only members of the winning team are safe from the vote at the end of this contest.  Also, no one may roll the dice for more than 30 seconds at a time.

Some low scores take the green team out of the running early, while Curtis and Aubrey have hot hands for their respective teams.  Those are the two rolling at the end, as both reach the 100-point line.  However, Aubrey hits her buzzer just about a second before Curtis does, and the red team wins!  The prize is home bunco kits for the trio.  In addition, $1,000 is added to the kitty, for a new total of $61,000.

The elimination pool is two blue-team members and four green-team ones.  This leads to an interesting deliberation, in which Curtis stands up for Alecia despite their differences and even pledging to sacrifice his place in the game if she can form an alliance with the green team.  Then again, the judges are leaning toward Phil and Maurice for not pulling their weight among the greens.  Despite Phil's insistence that he has improved his attitude in the last few days, he is the second ousted contestant of the night.  In confessional, he says with a laugh, "I'll never be a country boy, but at least I know what one does."

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