Saturday, January 24, 2015

BMN Superfan season 3, episode 10

At the start of the season finale, Shandi Finnessey asks the final three: "What are the two things that [every other competition show] has at about this point in the season?"  Jamie quickly answers, "They meet their loved ones, right?"  It then takes a little longer for someone to figure out the second right answer, but finally Curtis says, "And then we see who we knocked out."

During the breakfast, the family and friends come out: Curtis has his parents, Mary and David; Jamie her high-school teacher Mark Rockwell; and Aubrey has her mother, Barbara; Aubrey thanks Barbara for her strength after the death of her father and older brother in the year before Aubrey was cast for the show.  Once the meal is over, the finalists, family, friend, and helpers come together to clean the property and give the animals final feedings.

Then the ousted contestants return and everyone takes a place in the stands to witness the final challenge of the season.  Before that occurs, Shandi announces that the final jackpot amount is exactly $100,000, as Labell presents a check for $14,000.

At this point, the final challenge for the season is laid out.  It's an illustrated time line
of nearly 100 years of Barefoot family history.  All pictures are in black-and-white, although some are modified to remove the original colors.  One at a time, each finalist runs the course to put the photos in the correct chronological order of when they were taken.  Whoever has the slowest time will be eliminated immediately, leaving only two for the final judgment. (Adrian Van Bracklin Orr and family, from screen capture of a 2013 episode of Who Do You Think You Are? on TLC)

"The worst part of this game is not being able to tell who these people really are," Aubrey comments.  "It's clear that a lot of these were childhood photos and you had to try to conclude who they look like now."  Still, she figures it out the best, placing the 10 pictures in correct order in a time of 7 minutes, 33 seconds.  Jamie (9:30) defeated Curtis (9:49) for second place.

After the goodbyes to Curtis, Shandi reveals that America will decide the winner of the season between Aubrey and Jamie - in just a few minutes!  When the obvious shock wears off, she elaborates: Throughout the season, several hundred fellow fans had received preview versions of each episode.  In addition, they had already seen their original audition tapes.  Now, copies of the final challenge are being sent by e-mail and social media, notifying them of who the finalists are and asking them to vote for their favorites.

Two hours later, Shandi gathers the finalists together and asks a few questions.  Among them is how they thought their games went, and what each would do with the money.   After building the necessary suspense, she opens the envelope and announces that Aubrey Chapman is the winner of BMN Superfan season 3.

Aubrey thanks the obvious sources - God, Jesus Christ, Barbara, co-workers at K-Love, and a few others.  She then points to the sky and says, "Dad, this moment is yours too!"  Shandi asks Barbara for her late husband's name, and she says Ken.  Shandi: "Ken is indeed proud as he watches from upstairs!"

The show ends with the Barefoots returning from their show in Jerusalem.  They encounter a letter from Labell congratulating them on the show and explaining all that happened at the farm while they were away.  He adds that there was a competition show and that those who worked on it have a gift for "the 13" - an autographed picture of all of them.  Buddy Wayne closes out the season by saying: "This is something we would love for our memory wall.  Thank you, Labell, and thank you to our helpers.  Now we can celebrate!"

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