Friday, November 15, 2013

Renewal of family photo and new video

It has been a year since I began working on the family's official photograph upon my return to ABC Adult School.  Although I am as proud of this achievement as anything else in my life, I was still dissatisfied with some parts of the montage.  So this week, at the start of the second quarter of classes, I did some work to improve the picture even more.  Some details:
  • The left side of Hambone's face is very dark, due to the reflection in the right side of the face in the real-life picture of her avatar, Alyssa.  To compensate, I made a selection of the left side, added brightness on an adjustment layer, and used the spot healing brush tool to patch up the crack across the face that resulted.
  • Bobby Ray's head was too big for his body, so I made selections of both the head and body separately, changed their proportions to make them more realistic, then went back to the layer of the original picture (laid over a new background of the house) and erased it.
  • I relocated the seams and buttons on Brandy and B.W.'s shirts closer to the center.  They had been moved due to warping of the shirts during the original transformations to fit them as part of their bodies.
  • The "glow" around Bryson's arms was taken care of with the clone stamp tool.  As I mentioned before, this was actually a high-contrast picture based on what I captured from a TV broadcast.
  • Finally, although Bunky's arm around Brandy made for a charming - and human - touch, it just looked out of place in an official photograph.  Therefore, I erased his original left arm from the picture layer, duplicated the right arm side onto the other side, and straightened Brandy's head and neck.
The results are below:

For a look at the "before" picture, see this post.

In addition, I created a slide show of the family for the other class I take, Premiere Pro.  This is an afternoon class with teacher Nabawia "Nabby" el-Soudani Olivera.  (She's of Egyptian heritage, married to a Mexican.  That's America for you.:))  The music is to the Phillip Phillips hit song, "Home."

See it below:

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