Saturday, May 3, 2014

What I was able to save from the back porch photos

When I created this page, I wanted to show three family members whose photos I modified for the back porch photos that I am making for the book: Buddy Wayne, Bobby Ray, and Jennifer.  Unfortunately, I cannot show B.W.'s new "picture" at this time.  When I opened the file to put onto this page, it was shown only by an icon instead of an actual photo.  This was one of four saved on Wednesday, and somehow the part of the flash drive it went into was corrupted.  I could only save one of them, which was B.W.'s.  All I can do now is return to class on Monday, open the original file, and save it again.  Then this time I will have to open it immediately to make sure a picture shows up.  It had never happened to me before and again I didn't realize this in advance.

The photo of Buddy Wayne is corrected from the one I put up last week.  This time, he looks more natural, with more rounded shoulders and a head size in better proportion to the rest of the body.

As for Jennifer, I did a lot more work:
  • In the original group shot, she has blue-tinted sunglasses and somewhat lopsided hair.  Look at her now: she has a more rounded hairstyle and not only no sunglasses, but no glasses at all.  It's attributable to the second photo being taken later in the day and away from the earlier bright sunlight.  I used the clone-stamp tool to get rid of the glasses from the "Brandy and Aaron" picture I wrote about in this post over spring break.
  • I also improved her hair; to cover up a dark spot in the middle, I made selections from either side and reshaped them until they covered entirely.
  • The shirt has the footprint in the reverse direction from the official family picture.  The reason: Several months after I created it, I made an entirely new logo for the farm.  What I did was brush out the original footprint - itself modified from one that came from a "family crest" design I made courtesy of - and replace it with a version of the logo for Barefoot's Auto Mart in Dunn, NC.  Also, whereas the crest originally said "INNOCENT AND FREE" at the bottom, it now reads "FAMILY FARM."

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