Saturday, March 8, 2014

Three pictures, two projects, two programs

I was pretty busy this week at ABC Adult School with the following things:

In my morning Dreamweaver class, I have learned the Adobe Systems program made to design and execute pages on the World Wide Web.  Since my first posting related to the farm "website," I have finished three more chapters from this textbook, in which I have learned to create cascading style sheets, design and fill up tables, and place pictures and rollover images.  In the first picture, I have recreated the web page that Buddy Wayne Barefoot would have if my farm - and the unofficial site - had existed.  A famous Bible verse (John 1:1) is on top of the page.

The second shot from the same project shows the fruit trees that can be found on the property.  All of these are from pictures I found on the Internet by way of Google Images.

Also this week, I stole some time from After Effects to return to Photoshop (all part of the same Adobe Creative Suite) to arrange the biggest hunting party ever seen at Camp Paradise.  The 15 participants, from left to right, are Landon (the elder), Nokelee, Bobby Ray, Buddy Wayne, Labell, Cooter, Boo Boo, Hambone, Bear, Little Jack, Popeye, Ralph, Harvey, Noah (the elder), and Alfred (the elder).  All of them are related to B.W. in some way: his brother, five great-uncles (Popeye and his brothers), two uncles and an aunt (Popeye's children), and four third cousins (Bear, Boo Boo, Cooter, and Little Jack).

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