Saturday, January 4, 2014

Big plans for my "family" in January

With the exciting picture of "beauty queen" Brandy getting 2014 off to a great start, I will use this post to elaborate on my plans to use the characters in the first month of the calendar year:
  • Their "reality show" Gone Barefoot is about to begin its fourth season; once again, 16 episodes will air over two, eight-week periods.  The first episode would resolve a cliffhanger from the "Handy Jam" program which ended season three: Hambone was nowhere to be found when the roll call of the family occurred just after the dance social ended.  Where did she go, what did she do, and what did she look like?  And how will the rest of the family, especially the strict leader Buddy Wayne, react?  This season will also a new project that will involve all 13 residents, and possibly change their lives.
  • B.W. will celebrate his induction into the NASCAR Hall of Fame later this month.  In addition to the official ceremony, which will take place in Charlotte, NC on Jan. 28, the family has decided to organize an special induction event.  This would take place on Jan. 25 at the PNC Arena in Raleigh, NC, the nearest large sports and entertainment venue to the farm.  Musical guests would come from both B.W.'s world (Brittany Raylene, Bubba Brister) and the real world (Carrie Underwood, Blake Shelton, George Strait).  Hosts would be Phil Robertson, the founder of Duck Commander, and his wife Kay; both are part of the Duck Dynasty phenomenon on A&E.  The sold-out event would be televised not only on the BMN in-house network, but also on ESPNEWS and CMT beginning at 8 p.m. ET.  The picture I have made for this post would be the cover art for the event "program."  To create the "painting" of B.W., I used the crosshatch filter from the brush strokes section of the filter gallery, as applied to the original picture.  (Click here to find out about the real inductees.)
  • I am also thinking of resuming the diary format that I had for some of my earlier posts.  The reason is that I will no longer take Photoshop at school after Jan. 31; although I will still have access to it with my home subscription, any projects will have to be done after my classes in other subjects.  If so, it may be easier to write about my "family" than to try to make illustrations under a tight, self-imposed deadline.

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