Thursday, December 12, 2013

BMN Superfan - Final episode of season 2

It's the final episode, which everyone has been pointing to.  Tim Miller takes his place at the side of the stage, while the other 10 eliminated contestants arrive for the final vote.  "Boy, how surprised am I to see them again," Adam Brister says.  "I thought maybe they'd use Skype or Google [Hangouts] or something."  "There are some people in this game I do not like, and now I'll have to try to win them over.  That will be hard," Kimberly "ButtaFly" Wimberly adds.

Shandi Finnessey explains how the vote will work: Each of the contestants has a touchpad with three buttons in front of them, corresponding to finalists Brister, Wimberly, and Deb Holmes.  Of those, they will select only one as the winner.  It is possible for a tie among two of the three finalists; if that occurs, there will be a revote among the two who are left.

Before the vote, each finalist makes a statement to the voters explaining why should win.  Adam's argument is that he has been the only one without a major conflict with anyone else in the game.  ButtaFly was next, as she responds to Bobbington's earlier claim that the only reason she even got on the show was for publicity in regards to a new solo career.  ButtaFly responds by telling a story she has not revealed all season:  Her former musical partner, Brightful Birdsong, is out on appeal after being convicted on federal drug-abuse charges.  "He was given a minimum sentence of nine years in federal prison.  He just wants to go to rehab to make it right, and he can't.  The bottom line is, I don't need the publicity.  I love the Barefoots and want to give back to them."  She ends the speech in tears.  Finally, Deb cites her ability to bounce back from an earlier elimination and some losses throughout the season to make it this far.  After that, each of them answered questions from the other contestants.  Bobbington forgave ButtaFly for the earlier comments, but Meredith complained that Adam had an unfair advantage during the season due to the nature of the prize.  Adam replied, "Go ahead and not vote for me if you want.  That's all I got to say about that."

At the end of deliberation, Brandon McLamb turns around to fellow judge Brian Warner and whispers, "If I had to decide the winner, I know exactly who I'd go with - Adam.  He's the only really strong player in the game, all season long."

The 11 contestants then saw a 10-minute videotaped summary of the season.  Based on the tape, and the earlier panel session, they then vote on their winner for season 2.

Before the announcement of the voting results, the producers and contestants donate $65,000 to the Bluebird Fund, Brenda Barefoot's charity to help the families of victims of sudden deaths and terminal issues cope with their lives.  This is based on the sales of some of the prize merchandise.

Shandi: "I've tallied the vote, and can now reveal who finished in third place with exactly zero votes.  That contestant is...ButtaFly."  She cries as she walks off the stage; in confessional, she says, "I did all I could, had all my fun, but worked hard and competed when I had to.  I dedicate this performance to Bird and to our enduring friendship and the hope that someday my Bird will be free."

Minutes later, Adam is revealed as the winner of season 2 of BMN Superfan, by a vote of 8 to 3.  In the celebration, Adam jokes, "It's great that I've won, but can't I just work there instead?"  In the final confessional, he says, "But seriously...this is the one place I wanted to be all along.  I think I can learn a lot about hunting, fishing, and just life from five very awesome people.  Lil' Bit, Cooter, Bear, Boo Boo, and of course the great lady Hambone...This will be an adventure I'll never forget and I can't wait to get started."  During the end of that comment, the door opens to Camp Paradise and Adam walks in to claim his prize.

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