Saturday, July 27, 2013

More Photoshop photos and a "program note"

Before I present some more pictures, you may be wondering what happened to the little TV show I made up, the wonderful mashup called Wear It Out.  The short answer is, I was so sidetracked by a lot of things that I have given up on the show.  My heart just wasn't in it to begin with after the first episode, then when the Adobe free trials began (I now have InDesign as well as Photoshop), it just clinched it for me.

At some point, I plan to jump straight to the finale and name a winner.  I'm also considering my plans for season 2 of BMN Superfan, which I would like to start on Sep. 25.

In the meantime, here are the new pictures, or rather new old ones:

A few months ago, I presented Popeye playing bunco during daytime of Handy Jam.  I have improved on it by placing it alongside the picnic shelter photos I took a few weeks ago, to make the picture montage I have wanted all along.  In addition to Popeye is his wife Annie and his daughter-in-law Jennifer.

The second picture shows Brandy dancing with Hylton Tripp during the talent show of the same event.  Tripp is a fellow student of Rebecca Peacock's at a ballroom dancing class; Brandy's "graduation" ceremony would be depicted in the third photo on this page, which I completed in school a few months ago.  The school would be in the nearby town of Peacocks Crossroads; yes, that place exists.

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