Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Use of my characters in Illustrator class

DISCLAIMER: Some portions of the following material include non-generic telephone numbers, websites and social media addresses.  Please do not attempt to contact the Barefoot family with this information.  This contact info may belong to actual people or companies; if so, I am not responsible for any actions taken in relation to them.

In addition to Photoshop, I take another class at ABC Adult School.  It is called Adobe Illustrator CS5 Part 2 and I take it in the afternoon.  The teacher is Nabawia el-Soudani Olivera.

In this class, my final assignment is to assemble selected works that I have done and place them in a portfolio.  This is similar to what I have done with some of my Adobe Photoshop works on this blog.

The first thing I will present is the cover of the DVD to the mythical "reality television" series Gone Barefoot.  I placed my "family photo" as an overlay wrapping around both the front and back covers.  The front is the show's logo and the back is a brief description of the program and some of the main characters.

Up next is a brochure promoting the farm my "second family" owns in rural North Carolina.  It includes a brief description of all 13 clan members, another panel describing what is on the farm, as well as contact information.

Some time ago, I posted Jennifer's "business card."  One of the Part 2 assignments was to build eight different versions of the card as part of a bigger identity package.  The other part (not shown) includes another business card, a letterhead, and an envelope.

Finally, there is an "ad" for donations to the Bluebird Fund, the charity that Brenda founded.  I wrote about an aborted telethon it had in this post.

It has been a pleasure taking these classes at ABC Adult School.  Hopefully, this summer will find me with a new job, ideally in an office setting in a hospital or clinic.  If not, I would love to come back and be a student again there next fall.

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