Saturday, June 15, 2013

My last Photoshop work for the school year

ABC Adult School wrapped up its 2012-2013 classes on Friday.  The worst part about it for me is that I have to part ways with Adobe Photoshop, as I do not have it installed at home and cannot afford to pay $19.95 a month for Creative Cloud, which includes a version of the program.

So for now these glimpses of Barefoot family life will have to do.

Up first is an improved version of the Christmas gift idea that I put up in this post last December.  This time, I used content-aware fill and the clone-stamp tool to cover up the parts of the Jimmie Johnson car much better than I did before.  Red and green borders symbolize the yuletide colors, and I have also included a personal message from Buddy Wayne.

Next is what B.W., Ralph, Harvey, and Hambone are about to present to Popeye for Father's Day.  I took a watercolor painting displayed on the Internet and modified the frame that went along with it.  The caption reflects that this is a childhood depiction of Alonzo Barefoot, who we now call by a nickname he received as a teenager from a high-school classmate.

The last thing I created this semester shows Jesse "Boo Boo" Barefoot, a cousin of Buddy Wayne's, doing the classical summer belly flop into the family pond.  Boo Boo is portrayed by a participant in the Redneck Games in Dublin, GA, who actually dove into a mud pit.

I'll have to think of some things to do with my characters over the summer, but for now, have a great Father's Day weekend and so long.:)

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