Friday, September 27, 2013

Photoshop pictures: Again, something old, something new

The two I have this week consists of a reissued picture and a new one.

The reissued picture goes back to when I depicted Brandy as a ballroom dancer.  She has dance lessons with Rebecca Peacock in (where else?) Peacocks Crossroads, at the junction of state routes 96 and 50 in Johnston County, NC.  I don't remember when I posted this first, but I know of one family member of hers I left out the first time: her brother Blake.  He was born second in the birth order, exactly between Brandy and Bunky.  Blake lives with his parents Daniel and Laurie at 889 Barefoot Road, about two miles from his siblings.  Of course, the whole immediate family comes together for the recital, as I show in the revised picture.  (The role of Blake is played, posthumously, by Corey Burke.  He was one of six people killed last Tuesday when a public bus collided with a commuter train in Ottawa, the capital city of Canada.  Burke was on the bus, which was sheared in the front side.)

The new photo montage shows a cherished country tradition: the hayride.  It has long been a preferred pastime of farm families and lovebirds alike, and it's reflected in my choice of subjects: son Buddy Wayne, mother Brenda, and Jennifer (who would have a side view, with recolored hair) and Bobby Ray, who are husband and wife.  I placed the heads on top of bodies from an existing photo I picked up from a web page of special offers from the Winston-Salem Journal which I got via e-mail.  Of course, I replaced the shoes worn by three of the four original models with bare feet.  The source of the feet was a photograph of a woman I found at the site

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