Saturday, March 2, 2013

Some upcoming BMN programs

Again, Buddy Wayne Barefoot has nothing to report this week as he prepares for the live finale of BMN Superfan this Sunday.  Speaking of which, here are three new shows on that network that you might enjoy. - D.H.
  • Immediately after the BMN Superfan finale is the premiere of Brittany L. Spears: On My Own.  This is a "spinoff" of the Buddy Wayne: Coming Home special about the reunion of the formerly married couple over Thanksgiving.  Now, B.W. is gone and Spears must deal with life without her husband and with a daughter, Blanton Elizabeth, who can never grow beyond her infancy.  "I never thought Heaven was going to be like this," she sighs in the promotional ads.  Spears must rely on her faith and the support of the family she lives with and performs bluegrass music with to help her through difficult times.
  • The first new show on Tuesday is 40 Little Bare Feet.  Labell and Allene Barefoot (Labell is one of Popeye's brothers) have one small problem on their hands.  Make that 20 of them; that's right, that's how many children they have.  Meet Benny, Deborah, Donnie, Ronnie, Randy, Tony, Timmy, Tammy, Peggy, Vallie, Bobby, Ola, Ricky, Lovie, Lollie, Mickey, Lexie, Violet, Willie, and Danny.  Oh, and Benny, Donnie, and Randy have children of their own, so it's nearly 30 people under one roof.  Good luck to all involved!  (Software engineer Scott Ruttencutter and real-estate investor Beverly Baldridge play the "parents.")
  • Finally, there's the second season of Redneck Paradise, which also premieres on Tuesday night.  On that show, Brandy, Hambone, and Bunky Barefoot and brothers Tracy and Stacy McLamb, continue to answer the question: What can teenagers and young adults do without smart phones, video games, and other gadgets we associate with today's young people?

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