Wednesday, January 9, 2013

BMN Superfan - episode 2, season 1

Episode title: "Diva Disaster"

Twelve contestants remain, and their first stop this week is the Peeler Family Dairy, just south of Hillsborough in Orange County, NC.  Placed in pairs, the opening task is to milk six of the cows the family raises for sale to dairies and meat markets throughout the region.  (The challenge was inspired by a scene from an episode of Gone Barefoot in which Hambone and Brandy team up to milk a cow from different sides.)  Brittany and Lil' Bit have the highest combined total of milk and win the challenge, and are named as captains for the next immunity challenge.

That challenge takes place at the conference space of the Baymont Inn and Suites.  The room has been split in two; one team will serve 75 people at a party themed after "boys' night out," the other will serve 75 people at a party themed after "girls' night out."  For this, the contestants are put on two teams of six and given various assignments, including cooking and serving the food, decorating their spaces, and organizing activities for the guests.  Here are the teams:
  • Brittany (who had the first pick) invited Jeff, Josh, Frankie, Lindsay, and Brendon
  • Lil' Bit chose Barbie, Megan, Mikel, Jake, and Dustin
Bit chooses the girls' night out event to organize, leaving Brittany with boys' night out.

Food items are purchased at A Southern Season, a gourmet food store in Chapel Hill, which provides two buffet menus.  Brittany selects a menu of lamb chops, wild rice, fresh vegetables, and corn muffins, and butter pecan ice cream; Lil' Bit's menu consists of barbeque ribs, baked sweet potatoes, hush puppies, garden and pasta salads, and cheesecake.

Throughout the night, guests play old-style board games, make elementary craft projects, and sit down to dinner.  After the guests leave, the judges check out both the food and the organization to make their decisions.  Neither team had an clear advantage in the quality of food, the judges concede, so it came down to organization.  The judges agree that Team Brittany had a better atmosphere at its party and gave its guests more to do.  Therefore, Team Brittany is judged as the winning team, and Brittany herself is rewarded by winning immunity for the second straight time.

With the winning team gone, the discussion as to who should go home among the losing team heats up.  Lil' Bit accused Barbie of a sense of entitlement, due to her being a WWE "diva."  She also named Barbie as who she would send home if she had a vote.  So did Dustin, who claimed that Barbie gave her suggestive looks because of his disability, which Barbie denied.  On the other hand, Barbie wants to send home Lil' Bit, saying that if Brittany was rewarded with immunity for captaining the winning team, Bit should be punished for leading the losing team.  Megan and Dustin are also cited, due to complaints about undercooked ribs.  In the end, the judges - Brandon McLamb, Matthew Rogers, Michael Griffin Barefoot (founder and former owner of A Southern Season, not directly related to family), and Andi Van Willigan (sous chef on the Fox series Hell's Kitchen) - eliminate Barbie from the competition.  "I don't care what your station in life is, if you can't humble yourself to play this game, you don't belong," McLamb snaps.

At the end of the program, the following message appeared: "On September 28, 2012, Barbie "Kelly Kelly" Blank was released by WWE.  WWE officials insist that this decision had no connection to her participation in this program."  (The show was taped at the end of August and into September.)

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