Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Upcoming: a themed reality game show

As those who have been reading this know, reality competitions - who someone pejoratively called "game operas," a title I have picked up on - is a favorite thing of mine to follow.  For the last three years, I have posted summaries of such programs to the506 (registration required to view), and I have found feedback and support from some other users who are also fans.  I even made up one, Sing for the World, in a previous post.

Now, I want to get to the next level, with posts following an entire season of a "game opera."  The "press release" announcing the show is below. - D.H.

On January 1, 2013, Barefoot Media Network will debut BMN Superfan, its first reality competition series.   This season will feature 13 of the greatest fans of the Barefoot family, as featured on Buddy Wayne: Coming Home and other network shows, in various weekly contests for the most unique grand prize ever awarded - access to the Barefoot family for one week!

The winner will live exactly as they do, from making homemade food and clothing to attending church services and even participating in entertainment and events.

In addition, the winner will get $50,000 cash and a 2013 Chevrolet SS Supersport, and the show will donate $10,000 to each of five different charities.

Host: Shandi Finnessey (Miss USA 2004)
  • *Brandon McLamb (Buddy Wayne Barefoot's publicist)
  • Matt Rogers (finalist on American Idol season 3, host of various TV shows)
  • Various guest judges

  • Barbie (Kelly Kelly) Blank, 26, Jacksonville, FL - WWE "diva," former world women's champion
  • Brendon Bump, 23, Lawrence, KS - Seminary student, son of Methodist preacher
  • *Mikel De Vries, 27, Los Angeles - Male model, aspiring actor, originally from Cape Town, South Africa
  • Anna (Lil' Bit) Granthum, 31, Marbury, AL - Owns Mountain Creek Mud Bog, which was featured in 2011 TV special Mud Lovin' Rednecks
  • *Lindsay Hall, 34, Fort Sill, OK - Army medic, would like to become a midwife
  • *Josh LoMonico, 36, Pittsburgh, PA - Fitness instructor, volunteer firefighter
  • Ivey McClelland, 50, Albuquerque, NM - Part-time jazz musician
  • Frankie Meadows, 40, Charleston, SC - Auto mechanic, fan of NASCAR and minor-league hockey
  • Dustin Plunkett, 35, Bellflower, CA - Special Olympics athlete renowned for his athletic accomplishments and community service
  • Jeff Porter, 46, Alpharetta, GA - Athletic trainer, Atlanta Braves baseball team
  • Brittany Ramos, 33, Boca Raton, FL - Extreme couponer, stay-at-home mom, former teacher
  • *Jake Stubblebine, 32, New York City - Graduate student, hobby farmer, nephew of Reuters photographer
  • *Megan Turnipseed, 20, Brandon, MS - College student, cheerleader (Millsaps College)
*Characters made up by me

BMN Superfan will premiere with a special two-hour episode at 9 p.m. ET.  Thereafter, it will appear every Tuesday at 10 p.m.

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