Friday, November 30, 2012

Some personal news and notes

Once again, I didn't spend much time thinking about what to write for this column, as school and other commitments got in the way again.  However, there are a few things I want to bring up:
  • Shortly after I finished the milkmaid photo (two weeks ago today), I began work on a "family photo" which will feature all 13 family members outside their beautiful country home.  Of course, I am doing this during Photoshop class at ABC Adult School, which I thoroughly enjoy.  I wish I could do Photoshop at home, but the program is too expensive for my budget ($300 even at a student discount) and I don't know if my computer has enough memory for the complex program.
  • Here's something B.W. would be proud of: Drew Herring, a real driver who shares a hometown with the made-up three-time champion in NASCAR's top series, has a title of his own - sort of.  He was one of six drivers of the #18 team in the Nationwide Series, which won the owners' points championship and was honored recently at a banquet in Miami Beach.  (This is separate from the drivers' title won by Ricky Stenhouse, Jr.)  The 25-year-old Herring started once in the NNS this year, finishing and starting fourth at Kentucky Speedway in September.  For the record, the other five drivers were Joey Logano, Denny Hamlin, Michael McDowell, Mark Martin, and Ryan Truex.
  • Real-life Barefoots did pretty well in the recent Best of Harnett County awards presented by the Daily Record newspaper.  Shelby, a department store salesperson, won for Best Clerk.  Daniel, Dina, and Ashley are all members of the Dunn Police Department (Best Police Force), while Josh is part of Dunn Emergency Services (Best Fire Department and Best Rescue Squad).  Finally, Barefoot's Auto Mart, owned by Shelton, won for Best Used Cars for the 25th straight year (wow!).  There was also one third-place finish, by Jason for Best Plumber.

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