Saturday, May 15, 2010

It's been a while, so...

While I reviewed my website to import some photos to fulfill an assignment for the adult school, I found that it has been a month since I made my last posting. So here is a brief update:
  • I have added a new, important link that you can access by clicking on Buddy Wayne's picture. It is the page at which you can buy my book. This is the most important feature I have added to the site, and I am so sorry that I did not do this earlier - probably at the moment this blog was created.
  • As mentioned, I am creating a new final project for my InDesign class using my characters. The eventual result will be a 12-page "press kit" with "biographies" of selected singers. The Brittany Spears page will be labeled Spears Family Band due to my teacher's lack of ease over the use of a similarly-named recording artist, and I have changed the name of the Barenaked Ladies (too provocative to use in a class project) to Slumber Party.
  • The NASCAR Hall of Fame opened on May 11 in Charlotte, NC. This is a place after Buddy's own heart, as it honors the past of the sport but also provides a setting for interactivity, just like science museums. The Hall can also be rented out for special events, and indeed I have "scheduled" one for June 23, honoring the Barefoot Fund, an organization that honors family history, military service, and moral and ethical causes. The form I would have used to make the reservation links from this page.
  • Finally, there is still no decision as to whether or not Buddy Wayne will enter the million-dollar legends car race at Charlotte Motor Speedway. I will continue to take my time.

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