Thursday, November 26, 2009

Buddy's holiday notes

Wow! I see that there has been another long gap, so my character has a lot to report.

  • My marriage to Brittany went well! About 120 people came by to see it, and even Shayla was there. It was a day full of music, ceremony and celebration. Our wedding was especially meaningful as it will probably be the last one ever staged in our corner of Heaven. The Book of Revelation tells of the symbolic wedding between Jesus Christ and his followers, and that's supposed to replace the human institution. But Brittany wanted this so badly, and an exception was made for us.
  • Speaking of Brittany, congratulations to Taylor Swift. In a previous website dedicated to me, there was casting of a film about my life. Swift, who was a rookie in country music back then, played Brittany's role. Well, today Swift has crossed over to pop music and is a best-selling artist, and last Sunday night she won the Artist of the Year from the American Music Awards. And this time, no one disrupted her on stage. Kanye West is one rude dog!:(
  • Jimmie Johnson has won his fourth consecutive NASCAR Sprint Cup Series championship. The meaning of this is not lost on me or anyone else who follows the sport of stock-car racing. It was not too long ago that I thought so little of his talents, and so insistent of him only being a star due to his connections with Jeff Gordon, that I called him "J.J. The Protégé." Now Johnson deserves a new nickname: "All Time Legend."
  • Happy Thanksgiving to all of you Americans out there. Take a moment to share the blessings of your life with your family and friends, because, believe me, all of us have them. It may be harder to find in these days and times; then again, it makes this holiday even more special.

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