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Gone Barefoot summaries seasons 3 and 4 (revised)

Here are the episodes that would have aired in 2013.

Season 3
#17 - Jan. 6, 2013: "There She Is!"
Brandy enters the Miss Idealia pageant as part of the Confederate Fall Festival.  Her immediate family (Bunky, parents Daniel and Laurie, and brother Blake), and also her coach Annie, travel to Stone Mountain, GA to watch her compete against representatives of other Southern farm families.  They meet CSA president Lyman Bowling Jr. and his family at the Idealia mansion at which they live, participate in the Harvest Parade, then go into the high-stakes contest.  Brandy wears a one-piece swimsuit despite great reluctance, rocks a homemade gown, and shows off her ballroom dancing skills.  In the end, it all comes down to a very tense moment on stage.  B.W. also reads pen-pal letters from two of the judges, Lulabettie "Lulu" Plumpkin and Billy Bob Ribble.
#18 - Jan. 13, 2013: "School Daze"
Belinda and Bryson are transferred from the Meadow School to the new family-based Overshot School, a one-room facility located on Meadowbrook Road.  Buddy Wayne drops him off on the first day, and learns more from teacher/uncle Noah and his wife Elma.  (By the way, all 21 students are related to him: his brother, his niece, 11 cousins, and eight aunts and uncles.)  Also, Popeye discovers the dice game called bunco and finds he's very good at it, and Hambone is promoted at Camp Paradise to receptionist and events coordinator.
#19 - Jan. 20, 2013: "More Big Doings"
Brandy returns from winning the Miss Idealia contest and is honored by the Meadow township council.  However, there's no time to celebrate, as she immediately enrolls in Lena Peacock's ballroom dancing school just north of the Peacocks Crossroads junction of state routes 50 and 96.  Also, B.W. nails down the farm as the site of vow renewal and Long Branch Church as the reception site.  Finally, Annie puts the finishing touches on her new book and prepares for a tour to promote it.
#20 - Jan. 27, 2013: "Hunting History"
For the first time, a woman is invited to what had been an all-male ritual: the daylong social hunting event.  Hambone is rewarded for both her earlier effort in the skeet shooting challenge and her interest in the "redneck" lifestyle by tagging along with Ralph, Harvey, and Bobby Ray to go after whitetail deer and "roadkill" animals (e.g. squirrel and possum).  Also, Popeye's brother Labell visits the house with his wife Allene and all 20(!) of their children.  Finally, B.W. and Brenda consent to have a specialist assess Bryson's educational development; they are concerned about delays due to his being reborn as a seven-year-old after he had earlier died in infancy.
#21 - Feb. 10, 2013: "Milestone Day"
(There was no episode the previous week due to Super Bowl XLVII.)
Family and friends gather to celebrate the debut of Jennifer's new book, Black Crow in the Window.   As she promised, it combines elements of history, detective drama, and romance.  The case takes place in early 20th century New Orleans; Ella Littlebridge tries to find a local version of Jack the Ripper in the notorious Storyville section as jazz is being created and falls in love with Beau Brummell Young, a handsome mulatto.  Also, the results of Bryson's assessment are in; it is recommended that Bryson drop out of regular school for more instruction at home until he reaches appropriate grade levels.  Finally, Brenda is the special guest speaker at a church the Raynors (her side of the family) has attended for generations.
#22 - Feb. 17, 2013: "The Crafty Life"
The Barefoots prepare the house for winter by canning fruits and vegetables that they have gleaned from the farm and the briar patch and making quilts, blankets, and even socks and other footwear (in case being barefoot becomes uncomfortable).  Meanwhile, work begins on designing the treehouse for Bryson, as B.W. and Bryson tell Harvey their design ideas, and the moms assemble Thanksgiving and Christmas crafts.
#23 - Feb. 24, 2013: "The Roots of Man"
To commemorate the start of hunting season, B.W., Popeye, Ralph, and Bobby Ray spend a weekend replicating the hunting and gathering lifestyle that dates back to the beginning of humanity.  They even dress up in loincloths and wear animal bones; Ralph quips that "the only things we didn't see were dinosaurs."  Also, Bryson is re-tested and this time he is allowed to join the other students at Noah's school; and Bunky is taught the "Southern accent" by Hambone and Annie.
#24 - Mar. 3, 2013: "Brittany and Buddy: A Love Story" (2 hours)
Here, we meet Brittany Spears, B.W.'s wife and fellow singer. (For professional reasons, she records as Brittany Raylene.) She tells her life story about growing up in rural Kentucky with a family of bluegrass performers, how she met B.W., and how they had to elope due to both family's disapproval (the Barefoots due to Buddy's earlier divorce, and the Spears' due to her age).  Now living with their separate clans, the two reunite in North Carolina for Thanksgiving.  By the end of the show, they agree to renew their wedding vows because, as Brittany says, "we all would like the chance to get it right."
Season 4
#25 - Jul. 7, 2013: "Reign on Me"
Brandy performs the usual duties of a reigning beauty queen and keeps a diary along the way.  Among the events she attends are the opening of a new communal farm house at the site of a former military base in Georgia, the World Cotton Picking Championship in Mississippi, and the famed hollering contest in Spivey's Corner (not far from the family farm).  Among the contest entries is James Minson Barefoot, a fourth cousin of hers.  "It's crazy, I just can't get rid of that name," notes Brandy.
#26 - Jul. 14, 2013: "Dream House"
The treehouse project has been completed and Bryson excitedly moves in.  The house contains two chairs, a small bed, a workbench, and large spaces for play.  On opening day, Noah invites all the kids who attend the one-room schoolhouse to Bryson's new home.  Before too long, Belinda moves in with her dolls and Popeye launches a TV show from there.  In addition, B.W. ends the season as player/coach on the Meadow Indians basketball team.  Finally, Brenda shares her recipe for barbeque ribs with "all-in-one" sauce.
#27 - Jul. 21, 2013: "Superfan Winner"
Brittany Ramos, winner of BMN Superfan, spends five days in the family home, participating in various tasks, activities, and events.  This hour chronicles the week and gives details of season 2 of the reality TV competition.
#28 - Jul. 28, 2013: "Paradise Princess"
When Hambone continues to spend more and more time away from the rest of "the 13," Buddy confronts him during what was a routine talk session to ask why.  She discloses that Bud Strickland - owner of the property - has given her what amounts to a chief executive job at Camp Paradise.  She answers telephones, pre-screens visitors, and arranges special events.  The four Barefoot third cousins, 'Bone adds, continue to teach courses.  "Let's make sure this is all in your spare time," B.W. advises.  Also on the show, Annie finds a professional purpose for the mud pit and Bunky celebrates his birthday.
#29 - Aug. 4, 2013: "Bi Jove!"
Billy Bob and Krista Ribble come in all the way from Texas with a gift for the family: a "bi-horn," which is a hybrid creature combining a bison (commonly mislabeled as buffalo) and Longhorn steer.  The Ribbles have been pen pals of B.W. for some months.  In addition, Harvey helps in the rebuilding of the football stadium on the site of the former Meadow School and the mothers attend a baby shower for cousin Beth and their boyfriend to celebrate the birth of their son.
#30 - Aug. 11, 2013: "Beulah's Place"
B.W. and Popeye take a trip to the location in Meadow that was the site of Beulah Mae Morgan's orphanage; her service and generosity inspired one of B.W.'s hit songs, "The Ballad of Beulah Mae."  (Beulah Mae Morgan was a first cousin of B.W.'s great-grandfather John Noah.)  This show also has a Barefoot Moms' Club themed party, remembering the age of the "flappers" in the 1920s, and Bobby Ray talks about how he deals with working in a slaughterhouse.
#31 - Aug. 18, 2013: "It's Revival Time"
Ralph participates in a week-long special event simulating the church revivals that were common in rural areas in the previous human period.  He speaks to hundreds of people at the Mill Creek Church in Bentonville.  Also on the show, Bryson takes on Belinda in a fruit-picking contest, Harvey begins training for mixed martial arts, and Brittany Spears provides a video update about her daughter Lizzie.
#32 - Aug. 25, 2013: "The Pink Party" (2-hour episode)
The Barefoot-Johnston County Family Reunion, the official name of the "Pink Party," takes place at the old Barefoot Cemetery site on Eldridge Road in Dunn.  The first hour chronicles the incredible transformation of the 30-acre site to the location of one of the biggest single-family events in the state of North Carolina.  Days in advance, food is prepared, a dozen seating benches are set up around a huge tent, the main dining room becomes a formal ballroom and banquet room, and even the remaining farmland is turned into a simulation of a late-19th century fairground.  The second hour is a parade of characters and a beehive of activity that starts in the morning and goes well into the night.  Popeye upsets the ladies at bunco, two meals - an informal lunch and a formal dinner - are served, some of your favorite characters show their talents, and everyone dances the night away.  And somehow, the cleanup was completed in time for church services the next morning.  But - where did Hambone go? (To be continued.)

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