Saturday, January 23, 2016

BMN Celebrity Superfan New Orleans: Episode 2

For the week, the contestants' work task is to rebuild the kids' bedroom.  Sadie Robertson, the losing team captain from the week before, redoubles its efforts, hoping for another strong showing that could help them in the judging.  Meanwhile, Shawn Michaels focuses on giving his team a more consistent week to avoid any of them being eliminated.

The opening challenge is to catapult mud balls onto a large cornhole target in order to accumulate as many points as possible.  Due to Nick Vujicic's lack of limbs, he's not allowed to compete, and the teams are even otherwise.

Team Sadie wins the challenge, thanks to high-scoring efforts from Robertson, Bethany Hamilton, and Alex Debogorski.  The work crew gets extra building materials and, more importantly, a 30-minute head start on their work compared to the opposing crew.  "That's OK.  We'll work smarter, not harder," Michaels sniffs.

Both teams struggle with the design specifications of the room.  Sean Lowe places stuffed bears in the oldest child's bed instead of the one shared by the two younger ones.  On the other hand, Melinda Doolittle puts too much paint in the room, and the professional supervisors have to remove the paint, which is not what they were supposed to do.

The after-dinner challenge is meant to simulate what the Barefoots would likely do if they lived in Louisiana: killing beavers.  Sadie's eyes light up, as she vividly remembers her uncles and grandfather doing so on a regular basis.  So imagine her surprise when she finds out that the beavers are actually costumed humans and this is similar to laser tag!  Vujicic is able to compete this time, with a gun attached to his mouth.  Meanwhile, LeCrae sits out as the extra man on his team.

After a wild contest full of made shots, missed shots, and some embarrassing moments, Team Sadie wins
and evens the elimination challenge record for the season.  The ladies really stepped it up, as Robertson and Laura and Heather Beanblossom ("pictured" at right) had the best performances.

At elimination, Brandon McLamb says that it's easy for them to decide who to put up: "Sean [Lowe] and Candace [Cameron Bure] had by far the worst weeks.  Both made mistakes in the execution of the room, then neither had the standout performances they needed to have in the 'beaver hunt.'"

After both made their cases to stay, Brandon comes back with the announcement: Since Sean did slightly better in the hunting challenge, Candace is eliminated.  "Yes, I'm disappointed to go this early, but I had a blast doing this and maybe someday I'll do it again," the actress says.

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