Friday, June 26, 2015

What I'll do this summer...

It's been a little over a week since my time at ABC Adult School ended.  I'll miss the four-times-a-week dance class rotation, not the least because my dad claims I've lost some weight.  I haven't measured and don't know for sure, but I'll sure take my father's word for it!

As I try to find some new ways to exercise, I have committed to another personal project involving an Adobe program; however, this time, it's using InDesign CC instead of Photoshop CC.  InDesign is a desktop publishing program that is often used to design brochures, flyers, and even entire books.

Specifically, what I plan to do is an official magazine chronicling a mythical reunion of Buddy Wayne Barefoot's distant relatives.  B.W. is the great-great-great-grandson of Miles Vinson "Pink" Barefoot, a real person who I have integrated into my story.  (I should point out that the late Alfred Barefoot, whose name was one of the bases of the main character, had the same relationship in real life that B.W. does in my story.)

Thanks to the post-resurrection world, eight(!) different generations have been invited to the old cemetery in Meadow - now a private house and meeting room - for a family reunion on the second Saturday in July, every odd year.  Therefore, if this reunion existed, the next one would be on July 11.

Due to the large amount of work required, this project will last through most, if not all, of the ABC Adult School summer vacation, which will end on Sep. 8.  Even then, some followup work could be required to manipulate and post pictures.  I will take some screen grabs and place them here as the work progresses.

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