Sunday, February 9, 2014

B.W. versus Hambone: A clash of visions

As with all other Christian subjects, there has been considerable speculation as to what Heaven will actually be like.  Books such as Heaven by Randy Alcorn and 90 Minutes In Heaven by Don Piper give glimpses in best-selling books.  What I have on this blog is another example.

On one hand, Buddy Wayne has a clear vision of Heaven based on his life experiences and how he interprets the Bible, and as head of household he wants to communicate that to the entire house.  On the other hand, Reba Pearl a/k/a "Hambone" has a different idea of what it is like, and to B.W.'s dismay this has led to a major dispute that is coming to a head now.

When Reba Pearl was first introduced on TV on Jan. 1, 2012, she was a minor character, brought into the farm house because she was the only daughter of Popeye - B.W.'s "father figure" - and his wife Annie.   Once there, she was given some dirty jobs in the house, cleaning the barn and bathroom areas and feeding the farm animals.  In her spare time, Reba pursued another life, as a "redneck woman" who loves hunting, fishing, mud bogs, and folk music such as the "hambone" that gave her the nickname everyone calls her.

She was given a supporting role in one of B.W.'s first TV spin-offs, Camp Paradise, which was intended to showcase Bunky's transition from "city slicker" to country boy.  But as Hambone's popularity rose, she was made into the star of the show.  Somehow, it was arranged for her to buy the camp from the four brothers (all third cousins of B.W.) who had owned it, and Camp Paradise was redone as What the Buck?

That program was billed as a "reality comedy," and the idea was for Hambone to exhibit what people should not do in Heaven - drink beer, defecate in the woods, and wear bras and panties to pool parties, among other things.  But thousands of viewers warmed up to Hambone, exceeding all expectations:  What the Buck? is now the most popular show on BMN TV, the channel B.W. founded, and she has become a sensation on Twitter with over 70,000 followers.  (Maybe it has to do with her unique position of being beautiful and rough around the edges at the same time.)  In the wake of that buzz, she would have had a book deal, an endorsement deal for Remington Arms Company (which gave her tickets to attend Super Bowl XLVIII), and a Grammy Award for Best Folk Recording.

All of that translates into a sense of entitlement for her as she tapes the current season.  I mentioned in the last post how B.W. responded to Hambone going AWOL at the "Handy Jam."  Well, B.W. would have been criticized for being too rough on a lady, and for the first time in many years, some of his former fans would have turned on him.

But things are only going to get more interesting in upcoming episodes, as rehearsals continue for the variety show in the new Jerusalem.  Let's just say she's not completely happy with her assigned role.

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